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80% of Indians are Vitamin D deficient
November 1, 2014, 2:45 pm

More than 80 percent of India’s population is Vitamin D deficient and is at risk from health complications like diabetes and heart disorders, experts said here yesterday. They emphasised that Vitamin D deficiency doesn’t exhibit early signs or symptoms, and over a period of time makes people highly vulnerable to major diseases with a 45 percent chance of early death.

“People in India are oblivious to the fact that Vitamin D deficiency could lead to serious health problems like diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases and even cancer,” said M.C. Misra, director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS). He was speaking at the launch of “Bon D Light campaign”, an initiative by pharmaceutical company Glenmark in collaboration with AIIMS to generate mass awareness across the country about Vitamin D deficiency. In its 15 city voyage, the campaign would be joined by local medical practitioners. The doctors will explain the etiology of Vitamin D deficiency.

Preetaish Kaul, senior consultant with Heal Foundation, said: “The reason people who appear to be physically fit do not come to know about the Vitamin D deficiency is because the indications of Vit-amin D deficiency remain silent and sub-clinical. “Health and fitness become even more important in the second half of life that is after retirement,” Kaul added.

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