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73 candidates are contesting in Municipal Council elections
April 22, 2018, 9:31 am
Kuwaits general directorate of elections announces the end of candidacy registration for the 2018 Municipal Council elections.

Kuwait's general directorate of elections announced on Saturday the end of candidacy registration for the 2018 Municipal Council elections. It said that there are 73 male and female contesters in the elections slated for May 12.

The candidates will be distributed to four constituencies as follows: four candidates in the first constituency, four in the second, 13 in the third, 17 in the fourth, five in the fifth, seven in the sixth, three in the seventh, nine in the eighth, sixth in the ninth and five in the tenth.

The Ministry of Inferior has formed a committee to check up requests of the candidates in line with the conditions of Law No. 35, 1962 and then to issue recommendations to the minister for approval. Male and female citizens registered in the lists of 2017 have the right to vote in the forthcoming municipality elections. There are 519636 eligible male and female voters. The voting process will be held at 102 schools of the 10 constituencies.

There is current coordination between the Ministries of Interior and Education on the identification of the schools where the polling will take place. Some new areas have been added in the 2018 Municipality elections in accordance with the decree No. 94 of 2018. 15 days after announcing the results of elections, six members will be appointed through a decree.

The decree No. 240 of 2017 was issued on October 10, 2017 on dissolving the Municipality Council. The decree No. 241 of 2017 was issued to form an interim caretaker body to assume the duties of the dissolved council that will end its duty as soon as the members of the new council are elected.

Source: KUNA

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