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7 shopping rules
December 13, 2015, 10:13 am

2015 is nearing its end and sale is up. You probably would be excited about revamping your wardrobe and transforming your look. If you are considering going on a shopping spree, do it but keep these seven shopping rules in mind.

Wear your fit: You probably would have special inners that make your body pop but do not wear it to your shopping spree. When trying on new clothes, you will only end up confused and will not be able to gauge whether clothes are fitting right.

Dress for comfort and ease: We all know those accessories look good on you, but do not over accessories yourself. It will only make it hard for you to remove and put them back on when you are trying clothes in several trial rooms. It is time consuming and painfully tiring. You will be begging to rush home before you even know it.

Basics are never a bad buy: Ever confused with jeans, singlets, the classic white shirt, a pair of flats, sandals? Do not worry. They will never go out of style. So you can safely splurge on them.

Do not splurge on trends: If you are a shopaholic or a regular shopper, you probably know this trend. This goes for people of all age and body types. Do not get tempted by that crop top if you know it will not suit you. Just walk away before the worst gets to you. No matter how much you tell yourself, that piece of cloth is not meant for you.

Not all temptations are bad: You are tempted and want to get that one super trendy jacket? If it is a sale going on and you know at some point that is going to come handy, then grab it. Even if it is a little expensive, you will know you did the right choice.  Enjoy your smart, trendy steal! 

You have found this gorgeous outfit but it is a couple of sizes too big: You are contemplating buying it anyway. Do not do so unless you have superior tailoring skills or know a tailor who does. If you do not fall into either of the two categories, let it go. You know you will not be able to wear it anyway.

Worried about credit limit: If you are worried you might lose control and go over your credit limit, take along a shopping buddy who can cut you off when you have reached a pre-decided limit or when you lay your hands on something you do not need, say maybe a summer dress in a freezing winter weather.  

Happy shopping!


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