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7 high heel hacks every woman should know
May 22, 2016, 10:21 am

Everyone loves fancy footwear, but not everyone is comfortable with the pain that it brings along. In plain terms, heels that pinch + sweat + walking = ouch. Here, seven clever ways to pre-treat your feet so you can focus on fashion...not the limping.

Tape your toes: Put your foldable flats back in your bag. A night in heels should not mean you have to hobble home. Before going out, tape your third and fourth toes together using nude or clear medical tape. This helps take pressure off the ball of the foot.

Sweat-proof your feet: Since even the tiniest bit of moisture can cause ankle straps to slip and slide, mist your feet ahead of time with spray deodorant.

Sandpaper your soles: New shoes, no traction? A simple trick for extra grip is to use a sheet of sandpaper to gently rough up the bottoms of your new heels. It is imperative you do it gently and not go scraping off the red off the soles of your heels.

Toss in tea bags: If you want to kill off the foot odor, opt for tea bags. Dry out used tea bags, then place them inside shoes for 24 hours.

Stretch them out with ice: Fill plastic baggies with water and push them into the toe box. Put the shoes into the freezer overnight. Although it sounds weird, this trick actually works. As the water freezes, the baggies will expand and magically stretch out your shoes.

Use a blow dryer and socks: Put on a few pairs of socks or one thick pair of thick, woolen ones and then stuff your feet into the too-tight shoes and aim a hair dryer at any problem areas. Do not forget to flex as you stretch.

Invest in foot petals: You can also opt for this idea because a little bit of cushion can go a long way.

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