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7 Nurseries shut down in various areas
April 11, 2015, 11:54 am

Director of Women and Children Department at Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor Nasser Al-Ammar revealed that seven nurseries were closed down at various locations in the country, explaining that three were shut down over serious violations while the remaining four were shut down due to request from the owners who were too busy to manage them, reports a local daily.

He disclosed that there are about 321 nurseries across all regions in the country and the ministry has received applications for opening 10 new ones. Al-Ammar revealed that officials carried out inspection tours to ensure compliance to Law 22/2014, during which they discovered that apartments were being used to take care of babies. He explained that such unauthorized nurseries expose the lives of babies to various kinds of dangers, as they are not prepared for the task and are unsafe because they do not abide by the safety and security conditions.

Al-Ammar declared that the major violation committed by the nurseries that were shut down was their use for purposes other than those specified, clarifying that the violating purposes included organizing evening classes and extra mural classes, as well as accepting children below the stipulated age. He added that most of the violating nurseries were located at outskirts such as Sa’ad Al-Abdullah area and Mangaf.

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