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610kg man cuts down weight by half in 6 months
February 10, 2014, 11:36 am
Khalid flashing onto an elated smile - SPA

He is now mobile and able to sit on a chair

Khalid Al Shaeri, the Saudi man whose weight of 610 kilogrammes in August required a forklift and the partial demolition of his house to airlift him to hospital, now weighs 290 kilogrammes, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) has reported.

“He is now able to move and to sit on a chair after he was unable to do either for the last three years because of his weight, the official news agency report said on Saturday.

Dr Ayedh Al Qahtani, a consultant endoscopic surgeon and the medical team head, said that Khalid’s condition was stable and that he had undergone a successful surgery two months ago.

The patient has been following a strict diet at the King Fahad Medical City to help him lose weight, he added.

Reports in Saudi Arabia in August said that Khalid, 20, had been unable to leave his bedroom for more than 30 months. In early 2013, King Abdullah ordered Khalid’s transfer to the medical city in Riyadh, but the move from the southern city of Jazan could not be made until a special bed was made for his treatment in the capital.

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