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60 cars parked on sidewalks seized for 2 months on first day
October 30, 2017, 8:46 am

On the first day of activating the law prohibiting parking on sidewalks and no parking areas, officers from the General Traffic Department (GTD) in the Interior Ministry impounded 60 vehicles and issued citations against the owners who will not be allowed to use their vehicles for a period of two months.

Security sources quoted acting Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs Major General Fahad Al-Shwai as saying many vehicles were confiscated as they were parked on sidewalks and no parking areas in the six governorates. Sources explained this move is aimed at reducing traffic congestions, so the campaign will continue.

Sources added the GTD will start confiscating the vehicles of those who do not wear seatbelts and use mobile phones while driving next week. Meanwhile, the department reiterated that the vehicles of those who violate the law will be confiscated for a period not exceeding two months and they will be fined not more than KD15. The department also confirmed that the concerned authorities have started implementing Article 169 which prohibits parking on pedestrian lanes and sidewalks, as well as Article 207 which stipulates that vehicles parked on sidewalks and noparking areas, as well as those blocking traffic movement will be impounded.

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