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500 receipts issued per day through ‘WhatsApp’ – MEW
September 14, 2017, 8:19 am

Ministry of Electricity and Water issued 1,000 receipts on the first day of implementation of electricity and water bill payments through “WhatsApp”.

According to sources affiliated to the ministry, the average number of receipts issued by the ministry through its new payment service is about 500 receipts per day. They said, “There is a significant response from the consumers who are seeking to settle their water and electricity through WhatsApp”.

The sources explained that the application does not cost the ministry much compared to the expenses borne by the ministry in collecting dues through traditional means.

This new service saves millions of dinars of the State Treasury. It will also help in increasing the rate of collection of dues, which the ministry is keen about, as it is public money which needs to be preserved, especially amid the increase in the tariffs for the commercial and investment sectors.

Meanwhile, they revealed that the ministry has completed its field survey to separate the water and electricity meters of the commercial and investment buildings in all areas of Kuwait. The sources urged the consumer leasing stores for commercial activities to “separate the meters and allocate a meter for each commercial activity in order to avoid the entire premises to be billed based on the tariffs of commercial service”.

Source: Arab Times

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