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50 Kuwaitis holding forged university degrees
July 21, 2018, 8:23 am

The Public Prosecution has started investigating an Egyptian, working at the Ministry of Higher Education, in relation to the forged university degrees case. The Egyptian remains in detention and the prosecution will continue the investigation on Sunday.

This came after the Criminal Evidence Department discovered that 50 Kuwaitis are holding forged university degrees. During the initial investigation, the Egyptian revealed the number of persons with forged university degrees exceeds 50 and they are working in government, private and legal institutions. He added there are Kuwaiti women among these people.

On the other hand, security sources revealed the forged university degrees case started in 2010 and the main accused is the Egyptian who provided securitymen details about the forgery. Sources added the Ministry of Higher Education will refer the related files to the prosecution.

Source: Arab Times

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