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400 undocumented Filipinos in Kuwait to be repatriated this week
April 21, 2018, 7:21 am

More than 400 Filipino undocumented workers are expected to arrive in Manila within the week as the Kuwaiti amnesty expires on April 22.

The Philippines Embassy said that they will repatriate 113 workers  by Philippine Airlines  and other 326 through Qatar airways. These will be last 3 flights for those who availed amnesty program of the Kuwaiti government for undocumented foreigners.

With this batch almost 5,000 overstaying Filipinos will be reunited back with their families in the Philippines since Feb 11th reports PNA.

Also Philippines Ambassador Renato Villa said that Philippines embassy had created a task force group which was helping Filipino maids who were stuck at their sponsors houses and couldn’t avail amnesty.

OFW Sectoral Rep. Aniceto John Bertiz III also arrived in Kuwait to look into the situation of runaway Filipino workers staying in embassy shelters in Kuwait.

Source: Arab Times

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