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4,000 Filipinos repatriated under the amnesty program of Kuwait
March 18, 2018, 10:11 am

Four thousand Filipinos mostly household service workers have been repatriated to the Philippines under the extended amnesty program of Kuwait. An estimate of 10,000 are expected to report to the embassy and avail of the program during the allocated time. Thousand house helpers are currently seeking shelter in the resource center of the embassy awaiting the final processing of documents and repatriation.

In a brief interview with Philippine Consul General Mohd Noorodin Pendosina Lomondot, she said that four thousand Filipinos have reached home safely in the Philippines with assistance from the Philippine Airlines that granted one thousand complimentary tickets, and four hundred thirty from Cebu Pacific’s mercy flight. Philippine Airlines continues to provide free tickets to the embassy in addition to the free tickets from the Philippine government. The program is made possible under the Duterte government, who facilitated free tickets to those who may wish to return to the Philippines from Kuwait. The program will continue until the 22 April, which is the last day of the amnesty period granted by the Kuwait Government.

According to Lomondot, he said that a series of flights are scheduled during the coming weeks, although the applications for the amnesty have slowed down, they are expected to increase within the last week of the amnesty. He also added that in some instances, many of the applicants fail to avail due to existing legal cases such as loans and debts and other related cases due to money and travel bans having been implemented. Paulita Lundang Blas Lundang, Assistant Branch Manager of Kapico Travels and Tours stated that the amnesty program, has seen the biggest migration of Filipinos and that being the biggest travel agency with Filipino-based clients has created a massive demand and a challenge to arrange seats with already existing regular flyers in addition to a huge number of passengers under the amnesty program. “It has been very busy months for us as we need to provide and assists passengers to secure seats. We are fully aware and sympathize with their eagerness to return home and we can’t fail them,” commented Lundang.

Lomondot appeals to Filipinos who have not reported their status to the embassy not to wait on last days of the amnesty. “They should come to the embassy now and file applications so that the necessary processes can be handled. Exit passes are not that easy to secure and scheduling flights back home can be difficult. Avail of your free tickets now,” commented Lomondot.

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer




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