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38 percent early detection of colorectal cancer cases healed
December 5, 2016, 3:30 pm

Head of the National Program for Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer Dr. Fahad Al-Ibrahim announced on Monday putting the final touches on the research project dedicated to identify the rates of benign and cancerous colorectal tumors in Kuwait.

He added in remarks today that this project will offer a comprehensive analysis of the cancer cases that underwent early inspection in all of the country's governorates.

The rate of benign colorectal cancer cases who underwent early inspection reached 38%, as the cases were healed following lumpectomy through the colonoscopy.

He pointed to the high turnout in early inspection of colorectal cancer since the beginning of the program till now, as a total of 70,000 nationals were admitted for the detection from various governorates.

There are plans for establishing a specialized center to detect colorectal cancer with the capacity of 200,000 patients which is still under study in order to achieve total protection from such a disease.

The aim of this national program is to early detect the cancerous tumors and come up with a remedy before the spread all over the patient's bodies, he said. Al-Ibrahim stressed the importance of introducing colorectal cancer risk factors and disease symptoms, along with the importance of the early detection of this illness in its early stages, which gives a great hope in total cure.

He appreciated the continuous cooperation and coordination between the primary health doctors and digestive tract and endoscopy units' doctors in the hospital as well as the programs' policies of spreading awareness over such a disease in the society, he said. 

Source: KUNA


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