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31 officials in KD 5.5m scam probe
February 3, 2018, 8:19 am

The Misdemeanor Court has scheduled March 14 for the hearing on a lawsuit involving 31 government officials accused of facilitating unlawful collection of KD 5.5 million from the public fund while awarding the Jaber Stadium.

The officials were from the Ministry of Public Works and Public Authority for Youth and Sports, as well as the contractor who handled the project.

The court decided to invite the Director General of Public Authority for Youth and Sports Dr Hamoud Fleitah and Dr Hassan Kamal from Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research as prosecution witnesses.

All accused persons pleaded not guilty to the allegations, while their counsel requested more time to study the case for proper defense. It will be recalled the accused persons were initially 37 before six of them were exonerated.

The Public Prosecution Department charged them for facilitating unlawful collection of the sum, which had been kept in the custody of the Ministry of Public Works to execute the contract.

The officials should not have released the fund knowing well that there were some observations in the project, and so the action was regarded as a case of forgery.

Source: Arab Times

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