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3 Kuwaitis among those investigated – Probed over forged certificates issue
July 30, 2018, 7:10 am

Three Kuwaitis were among those investigated by the Public Prosecution last week on the forged certificates issue, reports Annahar daily.

During investigation, the three Kuwaitis disclosed that an Egyptian in Cairo, Egypt demanded for one photo and passport copy from those who want to obtain a university degree; but they were not aware that the Egyptian is engaged in illegal acts.

Sources said the three citizens stressed that they were victims of a fraudulent ring, adding they do not know the expatriate accused of accrediting certificates in the Ministry of Higher Education and that they were in contact with a person in Cairo whom they got acquainted with during the summer of 2016 through an advertisement posted on Twitter about facilitating admission and registration procedures in Egyptian universities.

Sources added the three Kuwaitis paid KD 4,000 in installments, denying the allegation that it was a bribe as they paid for registration fees and they received their certificates by courier. The certificates had the seal of accreditation by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Source: Arab Times

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