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3,600 bottles of foreign liquor seized
February 21, 2018, 7:12 am

Customs officers at Shuwaikh Port succeeded in foiling an attempt to smuggle 3,600 bottles of imported “Red Label” liquor and 60,000 packs of betel leaves (paan) into the country.

The contraband was hidden professionally in an almostundiscoverable manner inside several Central Processing Unit (CPU) cases of computers in a shipping container. Director General of General Customs Administration Counselor Jamal Al-Jalawi had monitored the procedures followed by customs officers for seizing the contraband.

He said the efforts of the customs officers are in line with their national duty to uphold the security and safety of the country. Their discovery of the contraband is evidence of the alertness of the customs officials when carrying out their duties.

Al-Jalawi explained that the inspectors had noticed the shipment at the port and had been monitoring it for 90 days, as no one had come forward to claim it. After obtaining the necessary authorization, the shipment was opened and they found large number of imported liquor bottles as well as large quantities of betel leaves (paan) which are banned in Kuwait.

As a warning to those who plan to smuggle illicit items in Kuwait, Al-Jalawi said, “Kuwait is not an easy target. Our men will thwart each of your attempts with resolve and determination.” A member of the Customs Media Committee and the Inspection Supervisor at Shuwaikh Port Musaed Al-Hulailah explained that the liquor bottles and the betel leaves were hidden inside CPU cases in a 40-feet container that came from an Arab country.

When the inspectors thoroughly examined and combed through the container, they discovered that each CPU case contained six bottles of “Red Label” liquor. They confiscated a total of 3,600 bottles from the container.

Source: Arab Times

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