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22 bogus companies sponsoring 90 people shut
November 5, 2017, 8:36 am

Detectives from Residency Affairs Department discovered 22 bogus companies shut down for sponsoring 90 workers who are on a blacklist. Concerned authorities have since been notified to take necessary action against the companies in question.

In a statement, the department confirmed that citizenship and passports sector will continue the unexpected campaign to ensure arrest of all residency violators, while reprimanding bogus companies that provide jobs for absconders.

Meanwhile, Fire Protection Sector continued its closure of violating installations to protect life and property in line with the decision of Fire Chief Lieutenant General Khaled Al-Mikrad. A team from Protection Sector in Hawalli Governorate in a recent inspection tour conducted under the directive of its deputy general director Major General Khaled Fahad administratively closedown a 17-floor hotel based on noncompliance to safety regulations.

Vendors arrested: In a quick blow, the second of its kind in less than two weeks, members of the Tripartite Committee which was formed by the Council of Ministers, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior carried out two surprise inspection campaigns and raided the makeshift markets in Jleeb Al- Shuyoukh and arrested expatriate vendors selling foodstuffs, fish and shrimps. The Tripartite Committee comprises members from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, Ministry of Commerce and Kuwait Municipality.

The director of the inspection department of the Public Authority for Manpower, Mohammed Al-Ansari said 11 expatriate street vendors were arrested during the two campaigns. He added, 10 expatriates were holding residence under Article (18) and one Article 20. He said those arrested have been referred to the residence investigations department. Those arrested will be deported and the file of their sponsors will be closed.

Source: Arab Times

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