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1kg gold found in toilet of Air India flight from Dubai
August 6, 2015, 8:27 am
Indian customs officials seize 10 bars weighing 100gm each at Goa airport

Indian customs officials seized 10 bars of gold weighing 1kg from the toilet of an Air India Flight 994 that flew into the country from Dubai on Monday.

The seizure was made at the Goa international airport when the plane made a brief stopover enroute Bengaluru.

An airline official in Dubai confirmed the incident to press but did not give any details.

“Yes, it is true but we do not have any further information on this,” he said.

No claims

Indian media reports quoted customs officials in Goa as saying that the gold was hidden in the toilet and that none of the passengers or airline staff claimed the bars when they were questioned about it. The 10 bars, weighing 100grams each, were wrapped in black adhesive tape and attached to the wall behind the toilet paper dispenser, the reports said.

The seizure took place during a routine inspection by customs officials and airline security staff, they added.

Source: Gulf News

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