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187 iqama violators found among university workers
March 26, 2018, 8:37 am
Officials from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour and Ministry of Interior conducted a massive raid in the Shadadiya University. Hundreds of illegals were found working as janitors and other office jobs.

The quadripartite joint committee with representatives of Public Authority for Manpower, Kuwait Municipality, Ministry of Interior, and Ministry of Commerce and Industry as members recently embarked on an intensive campaign covering the sites of Shaddadiya University, which resulted in the arrest of 187 residency law violators among the workers.

Director of Work Inspection at Public Authority for Manpower Mohammad Al-Ansari disclosed that the arrested workers include 101 domestic workers who absconded from their sponsors, 70 workers registered under other companies, 16 workers who were registered as herdsmen and six others who were registered in the farming sector.

He indicated that the arrested violators have been referred to the General Department for Residency Investigation Affairs at Ministry of Interior for necessary procedures to deport them.

Al-Ansari said the officials embarked on launching the campaign after observing the names of many workers were found in government contracts but those workers belonged to other companies.

He affirmed that the government will penalize the employers and companies that sponsored the workers.

Their files will be suspended and the affected visas of article 20 will be cancelled. As per sub-contracting government projects, Al-Ansari said the officials will coordinate with the Government Contracts and Projects Department at Public Authority for Manpower to review all government contracts in order to detect those involved in sub-contracting the projects, adding that necessary procedures will be taken against the defaulters.

Source: Arab Times

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