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18 terrorists sentenced to 104 years in jail
April 5, 2014, 9:32 am

A special court in Riyadh has sentenced 18 terrorists to a collective 104 years in jail for various subversive and illegal activities including attempts to smuggle missiles into the Kingdom from Yemen.
They received sentences ranging from two months to 27 years. One of the convicts was jailed for 13 years, local media reported Friday.

A major charge against them was smuggling a woman and her children with forged travel documents on a plane from Riyadh to Jazan without a male guardian. They also helped the woman and her children to cross the border illegally into Yemen, with the aim of sending her to Syria and Iraq, on the orders of an Al-Qaeda member. They did not inform her relatives or the Saudi authorities of her whereabouts.

The court convicted them of meeting with the leader of a terror cell planning to launch attacks in the Kingdom, providing cover for the cell members and undergoing training to use heavy weapons and explosives.

The court found them guilty of helping a man to enter the country who was an expert on improvised explosive devices, and had organized a work visa for him in the name of the first defendant's father. They had in their possession electronic chips and earphones of special cell phones that served as remote controls for detonating bombs.

They were also convicted of making deadly poisons, trying to persuade young people to fight abroad, terror financing, possession of publications inciting people to undertake armed fighting, and possession of arms and ammunition without licenses with aim to disrupt the country's security.

The court also fined several defendants and slapped them with travel bans for periods equaling and more than their jail time. They have 30 days to appeal.

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