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13,000 expats deported this year until date
September 27, 2018, 8:28 am

Thirteen thousand expatriates have been deported from the country for various reasons including violation of the residence and labor laws and committing crimes including serious traffic offenses and other crimes from the beginning of 2018 until date, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting Interior Ministry sources.

According to a reliable ministry source, the deportees include those who had failed the medical tests and those suffering from Hepatitis or AIDS, some of whom were highly qualified.

The same source pointed out the development of the deportation administration in the prisons has eliminated chaos to a wide extent. It has also led to better and safe health environment which otherwise had contributed to the spread of diseases inside the prison cells.

The source also said about 80 men and 20 women are currently awaiting deportation. The source pointed out the pace of deportation has become very fast compared to the earlier days and stressed any person who is referred to the deportation center does not stay in the facility for more than a week unless if there are cases pending in court.

According to the source, Indians topped the list of deportees, followed by the Filipinos, Ethiopians, Egyptians, Sri Lankans and the Bangladeshis simultaneously.

Source: Arab Times

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