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Youth India-Malabar Gold & Diamond Desert kit project provides relief to shepherds in the desert
December 10, 2013, 10:32 am

The desert kit project conducted by Youth India in co-operation with Malabar Gold and Diamonds makes its mark among the expatriates with its novelty. The desert kit consisted of blankets and jackets to protect them from the harsh winter of Kuwait and food items which they do not have access to in their routine life. This is the second time the Desert kits are being distributed.

The kits were distributed to the shepherds who travel long distances in solitude in the deserts, without any connection to the outside world. The kits were distributed to 100 such people. Around 70 of Youth India members and associates went in search of the shepherds in the Salmi deserts in 20 vehicles. Most of them were in pathetic conditions in the sweltering heat and freezing cold in tin sheds, with no connection to the outside world.

There are also people who have been duped by fraudulent agents who promised them a lot and put them to fate in the deserts. The kits were distributed to the shepherds from Andhra, Tamil Nadu, Bengal and Rajasthan in India and Ethiopia, Sudan, Nepal and Bangladesh. Earlier, Malabar Gold and Diamonds Kuwait Zonal Head Afsal Khan inaugurated the event handing over the kit to Youth India President Arshad E. Kerala Islamic Group President Sakkeer Hussain also participated in the event.

Youth India Social Relief convenor Anees Abdul Salam, General Secretary Shafi PT, Desert Kit Project Co-ordinator Layik Ahamed co-ordinated the project. Younus Saleem and Anwar Shaji directed the teams and provided control room services.

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