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Yasmin Al-Mutawa Watercolor Exhibition
November 20, 2017, 5:25 pm

Exhibition of ” Yasmin Al.Mutawa ” Indigo Expressions on Tuesday, 14 November.

”Nature inspires me. My work is informed by my experience of the natural world. The flora and fauna of Kuwait, the deserts of the American Southwest and the landscapes of Northern Europe have shaped my artistic expression. I pursued my interest in the natural world through education and degrees in Biology and Landscape Architecture. Extensive world travel and immersion in galleries, museums and printed media has influenced the evolution of my art.

The spontaneity and luminescence of watercolour suits my personality and is my primary medium.  Vivid colours are recurring elements in my work but the work in this exhibition is largely monochromatic. The use of Indigo as the main pigment allowed me to explore and challenge the way I use paint. I respond to its values from dark to light and incorporate varying brushstrokes and shapes.

These works begin as a sheet of wetted paper upon which I lay down large dark shapes in a random fashion.  I enjoy the way the paint is dispersed by water and I react to these large foundational; shapes by adding smaller shapes.  These shapes are interconnected and the finished piece may symbolize seed dispersal or an organism under a microscope.

Continued experimentation has evolved into a unique, ever changing style. My art is playful and often incorporates symbols. Birds, animals and plants are recurring themes in recent work.”

Location: Becarre Gallery, Salmiya [Map]
Date:  14 to 24 November 
Time:  7:00 pm
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