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World's largest aircraft crash lands after test flight
August 24, 2016, 3:48 pm

Barely a week after its first test flight, the world's largest aircraft was damaged after it crash landed in England.

"The 25m euros craft is understood to have sustained damage to its cockpit when it hit the ground this morning," the BBC reported.  

ITV said the aircraft hit a telegraph pole as it landed after its second flight. All crew are safe.

The Airlander 10 aircraft is 302 feet long and eight storeys tall. It costs about $40 million and is named the Martha Gwyn, after the wife of Philip Gwyn, the top boss at the manufacturing company called Hybrid Air Vehicle or HAV.

It was originally developed for the US military, according to some reports.

"Hybrid Air Vehicle says that the airship can stay in the air for five days at a go, if filled with people. Unmanned, it can remain airborne for three times as long," the Washington Post reported.

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