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VIVA reinforces its presence across Kuwait with the inauguration of four new branches
October 1, 2014, 3:20 pm

VIVA, Kuwait’s fastest-growing and most developed telecom operator, announced today that it has added four new branches to its network amounting to 58 branches across Kuwait. VIVA’s new branches are located in Qortuba (Block 5 - Qortuba Coop 2nd floor), Al-Sabaheya (Al-Sabaheya Coop - Block 3 -Street 2), Jabriya (Block 2 - Street 105- In front of Gulf Bank) and Al Salam (Al Salam and Al Seddiq Coop  - mall), reinforcing its presence and growing closer to its customers. 

The new branch openings come in line with the company’s expansion strategy to serve a wider audience across Kuwait by offering convenience in location, to continue providing excellence in customer service and unique and exclusive packages for its customers.

Expanding its network with an additional four new branches is an achievement VIVA is proud to announce as it affirms its commitment to always be close to its customers.  VIVA will continue to move forward in the same direction, and enhance its service by moving closer to its customers ensuring that they receive the best service available, and are served swiftly and efficiently. VIVA's motivation to provide excellence in its services is driven by its passion to serve its customers and be closer to them wherever they are.

To find out more about VIVA's other branch locations and the latest competitive promotions, products and packages, visit the VIVA website, or call VIVA’s 24 hour call center on 102. 

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