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Use of smartphone in bed causes ‘temporary blindness
July 13, 2016, 10:15 am

Eye experts warn that using your smartphone in bed in the dark, while lying on one side, can cause a temporary loss of vision. People, who experience recurring episodes of temporary blindness, especially if it is in one eye, should check if they have been indulging in using smartphones in bed.

Doctors have had patients who reported temporary loss of sight or visual impairment in one eye for extended periods. When they were examined by neuro ophthalmic specialists it was found that the symptoms developed in patients minutes after they had viewed their smartphone screen in the dark while lying in bed. Further investigation revealed that the patients typically looked at their phones with only one eye while resting on their side and that their other eye was covered by a pillow.

Experts explained this temporary blindness by pointing out that by lying on one side, one eye covered by the pillow would get adapted to the dark while the other eye, by observing the phone’s bright screen, would be adapted to light. 

When patients attempt to get out of bed immediately, the eye adapted to light would not be able to cope with the surrounding darkness, leading to a sensation of blindness. The two eyes would adapt to the darkness only after a few minutes.

The experts say that as smartphones are increasingly being manufactured with brighter screens and are used day and night, this phenomenon is likely to become more common.


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