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‘Use new wing to treat only Kuwaitis’: Director of Al-Farwaniya Hospital
September 19, 2017, 8:28 am

Director of Al-Farwaniya Hospital Dr. Mahdi Al-Fadli has sent a proposal to the Director of the District Health Area to earmark the new wing of the hospital to treat only Kuwaitis while the old wing can be used for treating expatriates, reports Annahar daily.

He said the proposal has the approval of the officials because the Farwaniya Hospital caters to 1.209 million people one-fifth of who are Kuwaitis. He is of the view that the directors, doctors and heads of departments should be included in the fingerprints attendance system.

He told the daily, he supports the commitment of the accounts department to give priority for Kuwaitis, the elderly and people with special needs for private rooms. He indicated, the expatriates should be banned from using private rooms and exceptions should be made only after obtaining permission from the director of the hospital.

Source: Arab Times

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