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United Indian School named champions of 6th Annual IDF Quiz Competition
November 23, 2015, 9:26 am

On the evening of 20 November, the Indian Embassy Auditorium reverberated with applause as the two hour quiz session progressed with the six finalist competing with verve.  There was excitement among the contestants, quiz masters and the audience.  In the end as aptly put by both quizmasters Dr. Sebastian and Dr. Ananthapriya, all were winners as everybody returned home wiser and with more self-confidence.

The presence of the Indian Ambassador to Kuwait H.E. Shree Sunil Jain,and his wife, Dr. Gargi Jain, added value to the evening of delight. In his brief message, Mr. Jain, made an emphatic statement that Indian doctors are much in demand among the Kuwaiti patients and that this is a proud moment for India. He applauded the efforts of Indian Doctor’s Forum for conducting such quality programs and also social service oriented programs like free medical camps and enlightening lectures on common medical problems for the benefit of the general public.

The evening began with the prelims (written exam) for the participating schools, who were represented by two students.  Based on the performance and the marking system, six finalists were selected from among the fifteen participating schools.

The six teams, named after greats in the medical field, were welcomed on to the stage with thunderous applause from the audience by the quiz masters.

Indian Community school Senior whose team name was Al-Razi – the famous Persian physician- was represented by Nishma Abubaker and Manar Asad Khan; Carmel School whose team name was Dhanavantri – the father of Ayurvedic medicine- was represented by Alisha Samantha D’Souza and Aswathi Harsha Kumar,  F.A.I.P.S. whose team name was Galen- famous Greek physician- was represented by Tahir Tinwala and Farzaan Bhandari; India International School whose team name was Hippocrates- the famous Greek physician and father of modern medicine- had Nasreen Nasser and Hassan Amir Sajjad; Gulf Indian School whose team name was Ibn Sina – the famous Persian physician- was represented by Eshita Bansal and Sanjay Samuel Mathew; United indian School whose team name was Sushruta – the famous Indian surgeon- was represented by Emad Uddin Khan Haroon and Christin Sabu Jacob. During their introduction, it was heartening to note that each of them wished to pursue a career in medical field ranging from a microbiologist to neurosurgeon and each of them had a vision to make a mark for themselves in these fields.

The main session began with round 1 called the Ice breaker,  a warm up exercise that queried participants on news in the medical field in the last couple of years. 

For a direct answer, the team gained 10 points and the team who answered on a pass got 5 points. One of the questions on India’s achievement of eradicating neonatal tetanus in May 2015 received a thunderous applause from the audience. Another question which was received with rapt attention and applause was the latest finding on transmission method of the deadly disease Ebola. The direct answer came from Gulf Indian School. The answer as they declared is Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).

Round 2 was named as Archives round. It had the same rules as round 1. One question that received a thunderous applause was which Nobel Prize winner sold his Nobel Prize medal and donated the money for charity purpose. The audience answered it upon passing and the answer was Mr. James Watson. Watson, along with co-workers Maurice Wilkins and Francis Crick, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1962 for the discovery of DNA’s double-helix structure, but decided to sell his gold Nobel medal – the first ever recipient to do so.
At the end of round 2 team Ibn Sina was leading the quiz show.

Round 3 was a buzzer round. It was an interesting round. The screen displayed two pictures and the team had to recognize the connection between the two. The connection is one or two words and the starting alphabet of the answer was given as a clue. This round had 10 points for correct answer and -5 points for the wrong answer. One question that received appreciation from one and all was when the screen displayed a picture of a rainbow and a picture of a child being vaccinated. None of the teams could answer but one among the audience answered it correctly. It was the Indradhanush Mission to vaccinate children against seven vaccine preventable diseases.

Round 4 was named as Spoilt for Choice. In this round there was no pass. It contained an option to go in for help whereupon the value of correct answer gets reduced from 10 points to 5 points. One question that caught the attention of one and all was that on google contact lens and its purpose. Ibn Sina answered the question correctly. The answer was checking the sugar levels measurement by checking the sugar levels in tears. It is a non-intrusive method.

At the end of round 4, Sushrutha team were leading.

Round 5 was named as Seeing is Believing. It was a videos round wherein a video is played and a related question on the person in the video or on the theme of the video was asked. The video on insecticide being sprayed from a running train on stagnant water invoked much laughter when the quiz master said – after the Sushrutha team answered correctly- that the train was called Machar maar express. 

Galen team answered one prominent question correctly which attracted applause from one and all about a video termed Slip, Slop, Slap. The team had answered it correctly saying it was an ad video by Australian government on promoting protection against the sun by people to avoid skin cancer. Another question that attracted applause and was very informative as well, was that on the video showing a clip form the movie Kahaani. The question was which blood group the villain of the movie – Bagchi -had.   This was answered by team Sushruta as Bombay blood group. The quiz master informed that it is said that only 0.0004% of the world population had this blood group and that people with such blood group should store their own blood in case of emergency.

Round 6 was named as trigger happy round. It was also a buzzer round. It had 12 questions and carried 10 points for correct answer and -10 points for incorrect answer. One interesting question was which part of the body is named after a punctuation mark. The answer was Colon. Quiz master quipped in saying if we cut the colon into half we have a semi colon as well. There was a hearty laugh from the audience. An informative question on the number of days after which a country can be declared as Ebola free was answered correctly by Ibn SIna team. The answer was 42 days because this was double the incubation period for the Ebola virus.

Round 7 was named as Are you a Specialist. In this round broad topics were displayed on the screen. The groups were Current Events, Sports, Nobel prizes, Literature, food and Nutrition, Celebrities, Environment and Emerging Trends. Each team were asked to choose one among these categories and questions were asked related to this category.  One question was on what Dr Barry Marshall did to prove how gastric ulcers were caused.

The answer was that he took some H. pylori culture and drank it.  As the days passed, he developed gastritis, the precursor to an ulcer: He started vomiting, his breath began to stink, and he felt sick and exhausted. Back in the lab, he biopsied his own gut, culturing H. pylori and proving unequivocally that bacteria were the underlying cause of ulcers, thus solving the medical mystery of ulcers. Ulcers are not only caused by stress but also by bacteria in the gut. This question was received with rapt attention and heart touching silence.

The final round 8 was a rapid fire round. In this round each time had a maximum of 15 questions to be answered in a time of one minute. Each right answer carried 5 marks and no negative marks for incorrect answer.  The response expected was either True or False. This round consolidated the position of the teams and at the end the teams’ scores were more mostly determined by the pace of the answering and accuracy of the answers.

The eagerly awaited moment came when the places among the finalists were announced by the quizmasters. F.A.I.P.S. who were the reigning champs for the last five years were pushed into second runner up position with Gulf Indian School coming to First runner up and the United Indian School winning the champion’s trophy.

It was a closely fought competition and worthy of much appreciation to both quizmasters for their wonderful show. Behind the scenes Dr. Kannan Shreeram, Dr. Reji Athyal, Dr. Veena Warrier, Dr. Vinod Warrier and Mrs. Tessa Sebastian worked hard to pull of such a magnificent event on behalf of IDF.

The meritorious students (wards of IDF doctors)  who completed Class X and Class XII in the year 2015, with very high percentages of marks in individual subjects were recognized and awarded meritorious certificates and medals.

The sponsors of the event were Centre Point, Al-Mulla Exchange Company and Al-Sayer Automobiles. The prizes were sponsored by M/S. Shapoorji Pallonji. As the quizmaster Dr. Sebastian, rightly put - the dream of our dear Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, “Ignite the young minds” – is achieved through such quality sessions for the young students.


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