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(UPDATES) Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to speak in Dubai
August 17, 2015, 4:48 pm

At 5pm, almost half of the stadium reserved for general admission is already occupied, and every available parking space near the stadium is full. A major traffic jam happened at the junction of Motor City and Stadium. People have started descending to Dubai Cricket Stadium before 3pm causing traffic gridlocks on the approach road to Dubai Sports City.

Security struggled to contain the crowd to the main entrance of the stadium as people were pushing their way to the entrance. An old lady fell on the sand, but soon she stood up and ran to the entrance along with the huge crowd. Residents wearing T-shirts with Modi picture, made especially for this occasion, cheered as the crowd entered the stadium. Almost a fifth of the seats of the stadium slotted for general admission is already occupied.

"We are all excited to see our prime minister. We can here at 12pm because we knew there would be a huge crowd later," Praveen Kumar, a service technician, said Kumar and his friends, who sported the orange shirts, which they said was designed by a group called NaMoInDubai that has about 10,000 members.

Nikhil Regunath, also a service technician, said he expects his prime minister to announce additional welfare packages for Indian workers such as annual plane tickets to be included in the benefits of blue-collar workers.

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