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UAE lists banned Mars products
February 27, 2016, 12:31 pm

As part of its commitment to safeguard public health, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has published a list of products banned for trading or consumption that have been manufactured by Mars, a company from the Netherlands.

Products listed include bars of Mars, Milky Way, Snickers, Celebrations and Mini Mix, according to a statement issued on Tuesday by the company. The recall was a “voluntary” one and was being done as a precautionary measure, Mars’ office in Dubai said.

This announcement came after the ministry received the notification from the European Commission and an statement from the manufacturer about the precautionary and voluntary recall of the products.

An international recall of a range of chocolate bars has been announced by Mars because of fears that customers could choke on pieces of plastic. Mars announced the recall after a customer found a piece of red plastic in a Snickers bar bought in Germany on January 8. After he complained to the company, the plastic was traced back to a factory in the southern Dutch town of Veghel, where it was determined that the piece came from a protective cover used in the manufacturing process.

The ministry and local authorities concerned with food safety immediately began to recall the products and recommended that the products published in the list and manufactured in the Netherlands should not be consumed.

Source: Gulf News

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