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The vısıt of Turkısh Naval Frıgate 'Tcg-Gelibolu (F-493)'
March 16, 2014, 12:41 pm

Turkish Naval Frigate “TCG Gelibolu (F-493) will arrive Kuwait on 21 March for a three-day goodwill visit. The visit is aimed at further strengthening bilateral ties and cooperation between two friendly countries-Turkey and Kuwait. Both countries have traditionally enjoyed close, friendly and brotherly relations. Cooperation between the two countries covers a broad spectrum including trade, investment, human resources, science & technology and defence.

TCG Gelibolu” (F-493) is a guided-missile frigate which is powered by two Gas Turbine, and its tonnage is 4200 tone. The type of the ship is FFGH, (US Oliver Hazard Perry class) with S-70B Type Helicopter abroad. The ship is commanded by Commander Olcay Yüksel, and manned by 25 Commissioned Officers, 124 Petty Officers and 65 Seaman.
It has been built by Todd Pacific Shipyards, San Pedro, USA, in 1981 and was commissioned to Turkey  in 1999.

It has AN/SPS-49 air-search radar, AN/SPS-55 surface-search radar and, CAS and STIR fire-control radar. Its armament consists of  oto Melara Mk 75 76 mm/62 caliber naval gun, two Mk 32 triple-tube (324 mm) launchers for Mark 46 torpedoes,  one Vulcan Phalanx CIWS; four (12.7 mm) machine guns, Mk 13 Mod 4 single-arm launcher for Harpoon anti-ship missiles and SM-1MR Standard anti-ship/air missiles.

TCG Gelibolu is now participating in the international operations regarding combating piracy off the coast of Somalia in line with UN Security Council resolution 1851 (2008).
TCG Gelibolu can be visited on 22 March, 2014 between 10:00-14:00 hrs.

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