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‘The VIVA Coded Academy’ hosts Dr. Yaser Alosefer
August 16, 2015, 12:24 pm

VIVA, Kuwait's fastest-growing and most developed telecom operator, announced that The VIVA Coded Academy (the first academy dedicated to teaching software programming the entire GCC) has recently hosted Dr. Yaser Alosefer from Saudia Arabia as the first guest in the Academy's Speaker of the Week series. The series comes as part of the Academy's mission of continued education for the tech community in Kuwait, and as a continuation of VIVA's effort to empower youth through education and development.

Dr. Alosefer is the foremost expert on cyber security, ethical hacking, and social engineering in the Gulf region. He holds a PhD in Internet Security from Cardiff University, and is held in high regards as an authority on social engineering and ethical hacking, and has been invited to speak at numerous events across the world.

Abdulrazzaq Bader Al Essa, Director of Corporate Communications at VIVA, expressed his immense pleasure that The VIVA Coded Academy hosted Dr. Alosefer by saying: “VIVA is honored to have hosted Dr. Yaser Alosefer, an expert with a wide following on social media where he discusses current topics and interesting subjects in the Cyber Security realm. We hope that the students gain the most out of his discussion on social engineering and cyber security.”

During his lecture at The VIVA Coded Academy, Dr. Alosefer introduced some broad concepts on Internet security, informing the audience of the importance and dangerous ramifications cyber wars can have on the region as whole. The lecture drew on examples of cyber battles among global superpowers, and how modern day global conflicts are fought behind computers.

Dr. Alosefer also covered important aspects of personal protection against internet hacking, and the methods through which hackers could penetrate someone's personal data and information. He pointed out several examples of how a hacker might steal personal data through both hardware and software technologies, such as viruses, flash drives, cameras, and more.

Following his presentation, Dr. Alosefer spent time in group discussions with the Academy's students and the audience in general. The discussions were a chance for attendees to find out more about specifics subjects in Internet Security, and tap further into Dr. Alosefer's expertise in the matter.

Dr. Alosefer's visit represented a unique opportunity for The VIVA Coded Academy students to interact with an expert in an important area of software technology. Such an opportunity plays an important role in helping the Academy's students develop into world class coders who can give back to Kuwait through social engineering, ethical hacking, and the protection of personal information and national cyber security.

VIVA’s sponsorship of this program stems from its belief in investing in the intellectual capabilities of young men and women in Kuwait. Supporting such initiatives is part of VIVA’s relentless efforts to empower youth in Kuwait with the tools they require to build their dreams.


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