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Taiwan highlights best of country with Trending Taiwan
May 13, 2017, 2:44 pm

The Taipei Commercial Representative Office in Kuwait held a presentation ceremony into the progress and business opportunities in Taiwan with a ‘Trending Taiwan’ reception at the Sheraton Hotel. In attendance were members of the diplomatic corps, business associates and other guests.

Representative of Taipei Commercial Office to Kuwait Ray H.W, who has a distinguished career spanning over 32 years, pointed out the new vision and development strategies of Taiwan and stressed the importance of exploring and promoting mutually-beneficial business cooperation. He mentioned that Taiwan has many thriving next generation industries in various fields such as Information and Communication Technology, Biomedical R&D, green technology industry, smart machinery and national defense as well as secured its position in the Asian Silicon Valley. 

He indicated new technologies such as energy producing glass windows and development of new agricultural techniques among others. With regards to the trade profile of the country, he stated that the World Trade Organization named Taiwan the 17th largest exporter and 18th largest importer of merchandise in 2015

On the country’s tourism industry, he noted that it ranked as the 7th best destination for Muslim travellers, largely due to fostering an atmosphere that was friendly towards Muslim visitors.

He acknowledged the similarities between Taiwan and Kuwait, noting their comparable support for peace and humanity, before bringing attention to his country’s humanitarian aid efforts and medical missions. He noted that Taiwan donated $225 million during the 2008 China Sichuan earthquake, and following the Japanese Tsunami of 2011, made a donation of $252 million.

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