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Spring Tunes — Chitra Roy provides a glimpse of bliss
May 18, 2014, 9:35 am

Kuwait chapter of the Art of Living Foundation, an international non-profit humanitarian organization, presented 'Spring Tunes', a cultural event featuring renowned Indian singer, lyricist and composer Chitra Roy, on Saturday, 10 May 2014 at the Al Zumuruda Hall in Salwa. His Excellency Sunil Jain, the Ambassador of India to Kuwait was the special guest for the event, which witnessed the presence of several ambassadors, as well as leading business and social personalities.

Chitra Roy, a versatile artist in various Indian  musical genre, including classical and light-classical, as well as in Ghazal, Sufi and devotional songs, enthralled audiences with her mellifluous voice that touched the hearts and souls of audiences at the event.

Chitra Roy has performed worldwide and has won numerous awards, her most prominent being the Pride of Nation Excellence Award 2005 by the Indian Society of Creative Arts. In 2008, she gained Guinness World Record recognition by directing the largest sitar concert in the world.

The Times Kuwait had the privilege of getting to know Ms. Roy, if ever so briefly, and to learn more about the singing legend and her ability to so profoundly touch the hearts of millions.

How did you enjoy your visit to Kuwait?

Visiting Kuwait has been a fantastic experience. This is my second time in this beautiful city of beautiful people — after almost 25 years, and I must confess each time has been equally memorable.

What training did you go through to acquire such a voice?

Honestly I cannot take much credit as this is a gift from the Divine.

Which is your favorite song you love to sing?

Anything that has love for the Divine touches me and I in turn like to sing in His praise. It can be Hindustani Classical, Bhajan, Sufi, Ghazal or any other form of music.

How much has life changed since you have attained recognition?

I was never here for recognition. I left the music industry to sing for the Divine. Recognition does not matter. What truly matters is that through singing souls are touched.

Who do like most amongst your generation of singers?

I like Shreya Ghoshal from India. I like the tracks of Lionel Ritchie. I find him a very sensitive singer.

Apart from music, what else do you love?

I like to experiment and create new dishes. I love to spend time with nature. I strive to contribute towards empowerment of young girls and women. 

How would you describe your music?

That’s for people to judge.

What do you want the audience to feel when they listen to your voice?

I just want them to forget all their worries and troubles and find joy within themselves.

When did you start to have the desire to play music and sing?

This was a gift from the Divine and so it started way back in childhood.

What is special about your singing?

I don’t know what is special about my singing but I do know that every time I sing I get connected to the Divine.

What is your philosophy in life?

As Sri Sri best puts it “Your body belongs to the world, your spirit belongs to the Divine. The Divine is your only security.”

Tell me an unforgettable incident in your career?

This time in Kuwait, when I sang and I was told that while they did not understand the lyrics of the songs they still had Goosebumps!


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