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Shah Rukh Khan’s Wankhede ban lifted
August 2, 2015, 12:48 pm

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan will be allowed back in to Mumbai’s main cricket stadium after a five-year ban was lifted on Sunday, Indian media reports.

Khan was banned from Wankhede stadium by Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) after a late-night row with staff at the grounds in May 2012.

NDTV reports the ban was lifted a couple of years early since Khan has already served a substantial period ‘respectfully’. Khan is the owner of the Kolkata Knight Riders IPL team.

The MCA said Khan entered the ground after a game, misbehaved and used foul language when officials asked him to leave. They also tried to stop a group of children including Khan’s daughter from playing on the field.

Khan denied accusations he was drunk or behaving illegally, saying he became angry when officials at the stadium abused him and “physically manhandled” the children. He later apologised.

Source: Gulf News

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