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SIS organizes fun KG picnic
December 7, 2016, 3:42 pm

The Kindergarten class of Smart Indian School (SIS) went on picnics on 22 November and 4 December that were a roaring success. The children were happy to see animals and birds that they had read about in books. They saw a water pond filled with many types of swimming birds that twittered, chirped and whistled, which was interesting to watch. They visited the angry tigers, roaring lions and strong bears shut in cages. They also saw some hippos and rhinos.

They even had fun watching the elephants, zebras, jackals, monkeys, antelopes, chimpanzees and to their excitement the tallest animal giraffe. They were thrilled to see the largest bird Ostrich, the beautiful Peacock and the colorful Macaw. They enjoyed looking at the swamps made for the water birds. On the whole, the experience was quite knowledgeable for the children who passed many happy hours in the zoo.

This excursion was one of the school’s main methods of teaching about nature to the toddlers. They learnt a couple of facts, which made the trip even more interesting. The excursion provided an enlightening opportunity to students, enabling them to enhance their thinking skills and increase their knowledge. It was a fun-filled experience for the kids as they returned to school with a smile on their faces.

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