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‘Queen Helena Maurya’ in Kuwait
April 14, 2018, 10:44 am

The Times Kuwait recently met and spoke with German born actress Suzanne Bernert, who has etched a name for herself on Indian screens thr5ough roles such as Queen Helena Maurya in the Hindi television serial Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat and in the Hindi movie Honeymoon Travels...

It was indeed a definite pleasure to meet and converse with Ms. Bernert as she dropped by the Alghanim store at Avenues Mall to check out Microsoft’s latest model Surface laptop during her one day visit to Kuwait. A fun loving person, she spent her time at the store to even have a shot at  Microsoft’s Xbox console as she checked out the Surface laptop during the event.

In the short conversation with her she talked about her quick but sweet trip to Kuwait and her visits to the malls.  She also spoke about her experience as Queen Helena that was overwhelming and at the same time very exciting.

Her fluency in Hindi captivated us as she spoke about how Hindi was an easy language to learn with the help of her husband Akhil and that acting in several regional movies and dramas have inspired her to learn regional languages such as Marati and Bengali as well.

As we ended the chat we asked her about her upcoming role as Sonia Gandhi in the movie ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ which is expected to be released in December this year. Although she could not tell us much about her role and the movie, we did get a hint that it is going to be a fantastic performance from her side of such a powerful personality and a movie that has a powerful story to tell.

Let us look forward to that and her promise to talk more about the movie when she would be back to Kuwait in September-October.

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