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‘Peach Garden’ promotes European fresh peaches in Kuwait
July 19, 2016, 3:03 pm

A prominent business delegation representing the Greek Agricultural Cooperatives visited Kuwait to feature European high-end agricultural products including peach under the project: ‘Peach Garden’ which is a European co-financed project for the promotion and information provision on European fresh peaches in the markets of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Kuwait, and it was established by the Association of Imathia’s Agricutural Cooperatives - Producers Organizations from Greece.

The program was launched in October 2016, and is going to be completed within the next three years. All of the actions of the program are focused on providing information to the general public and distributors about the high nutritional value of European peaches.

Aris Beis –Manager at Novacert - said: “It’s with great pleasure that we meet both Kuwaiti customers and investors in Kuwait which believe it is an excellent market to promote the European fruits produced in Greece which perfectly match the sophisticated Kuwaiti taste”.

From his end, Theodoros Devetzis -Manager of the Peach Garden Project- said: “we look forward to pave the way towards establishing business relations with Kuwaiti investors and grow mutual businesses between both our countries. Currently and under the 3 years program we will be expanding our promotions in the region to further creating the awareness about the authenticity of the European fruits which are marked with high-end quality and genuine taste”.

For Kuwait, the project foresees a series of promotional actions like product sampling in supermarkets in Kuwait, event- presentation, as well as public relations that include business missions from Greece and invitation of opinion leaders to Greece.

During the press conference held for the occasion at Marina Hotel, Mr. Kahled Al Quoud, CEO of Al Quoud international specialized in fruits industry said: “Kuwait is an open market to different kind of agricultural products. It’s marked with diversity of fresh fruits which cater to the different tastes and needs”. he added:” As industry expert, I do see in the European fruits as an added value to the fruit market in Kuwait which will provide the sophisticated customers with a top-notch option”.

From his end Ahmed Al Failakawi/+ Nutritionist elaborated on the role of the peaches and fruits in general in enhancing the human health, preventing diseases while maintaining the body in good shape. He also emphasized on the importance of the fruits in adopting a healthy lifestyle and eliminating obesity which is dominating amongst the young generation in Kuwait”. Al Failakawi stated that it is extremely important to include the fruits in our daily nutrition routine as a main source of vitamins and fibers which are two criteria much needed for a healthy body.

On the same note, The Association operates in modern facilities and their products are collected, packed and forwarded directly to the fresh fruits markets. Inside the packaging units, standardized production procedures are followed in order to fully comply with the E.U. Legislation regarding the Food Safety Regulations and the Vertical - integrated production assures that the products are in perfect condition to the final consumer.

The Association consists of eight members, agricultural cooperatives that produce mainly stone fruits. The eight members of the Association are 1) the Agricultural Corporation of Messi, 2) the Agricultural Cooperative Venus Growers, 3) Agricultural Cooperative Meliki, 4) Agricultural Cooperative Neos Aliakmon, 5) Agricultural Cooperative Naousa, 6) A.S.O.P. Episkopi, 7) Agricultural Cooperative Episkopi and 8) A.S.E.P.O.P. Naousa.

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