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PAM denies 18-year work permit limit
July 15, 2017, 8:20 am

Acting Director General of the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) Ahmed Al-Musa has confirmed continuation of the issuance of work permits for expatriates working in the oil and private sectors who have spent more than 18 years in the country.

A report published by electronic newspaper Alaan disclosed that Al-Musa affirmed the work permit issuance procedures for these expatriates are ongoing as usual and there have been no changes so far. He vehemently denied reports about a decision on the non-renewal of work permits for expatriates who have been in the country for 18 years.

He pointed out that if the decision was taken by the concerned authority, it would have been published in the official gazette; stressing such a decision requires thorough studies prior to implementation.

Earlier, Al-Shahed newspaper had reported that the authorities which are concerned with the demographic structure of Kuwait are said to have come out with a plan to stop issuing work permits to expatriates who have served the private sector for 18 years and more.

According to the same sources quoted by the paper, this decision was expected to be issued at the beginning of next year, which if implemented, might cause chaos in the private sector because a majority of the companies depend on employees with long experience. The sources added that in the event the decision passed through, it must exclude some sectors.

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