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New directives for overseas medical treatment announced
December 19, 2016, 8:42 am

Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Interior Lieutenant General Engineer Sheikh Khaled Al- Jarrah Al-Sabah issued a ministerial decision concerning the medical treatment of ministry employees inside and outside the country.

Article 1 of the decision amends the first article of Ministerial decision No. 686/2007 as follows: Referral of patients for overseas treatment or their referral to any private hospital or private medical center will be done upon approval of the Overseas Treatment Department, and not based on the Interior Minister’s decision.

Article 2, Item 2, paragraph C of Article 6 of Ministerial Decision No. 686/2007 is amended as follows: After approval of the medical committee, the issue will be referred to the Overseas Treatment Department to decide and then relevant authorities will be notified, instead of referring the issue to the Minister of Interior to take the decision before notifying relevant authorities.

Source: Arab Times

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