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NSH organizes cricket tournament for NSH Empower Trophy – 2017
April 17, 2017, 3:27 pm

Knowing the passion for cricket among the Indian community in Kuwait, NSH top management headed by Sabu decided to host a cricket tournament in Kuwait for the NSH Empower Trophy – 2017.  Several teams irrespective of age and grade registered from different locations: Fahaheel, Mahboulla, Mangaf, Abu Halifa, Wafra and others.

The surprising performance of captain Vivek and team put the Fahaheel team in the lead. Though the Mahbulla Lions gave a tough fight, they could not overcome their position.

Vidaya Sagar’s Roaring Lions was found chasing away the Jackals who bore witness to their powerful enthusiasm. Their joy had no limits when Surendra, a worker declared the managers ‘out’. It is their belief in social responsibility that prompts NSH to encourage talents in sports and arts, said veteran Sabu. The matches are ongoing.


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