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NSH holds Potential Victorians – 2017
February 5, 2017, 4:32 pm

The faces of hundreds of engineers and managers from different disciplines beamed with pleasure and excitement during the NSH’s celebration, Potential Victorians – 2017 held in association with the achievement of 500,000 ID (Inch Dia) piping fabrication of MAA. The presence of NSH Vice President Sabu added more joy to the event; he congratulated the Project Manager PV Santhosh Kumar and his team for their dedicated efforts that resulted in such a fantastic achievement.

Vice President Sabu honored the Plant Maintenance supervisor Jojo for the 20 years long service. The supportive and enthusiastic engineers participated in many games such as a balloon breaking game, find the quote and tail plucking by HR Manager Pani J Anthony. The winners were celebrated by GM Harikumar and Project Manager P.V. Santhosh Kumar. The Halwa Orchestra enthralled the audience as part of the ceremony.

The presence of officials from JGC – Takedomi, Kenji Suzuki and Hiroyuki Kunifusa – were a welcome presence, and their excellent dance raised the team spirit. Somarajan, Michael O Baili, Ullas, Henry, Subbayya, Tulasi, Renjith, Prakash, Hareesh and Shiju Poulose were among those present. The event ended on a grand finale, followed by dinner.

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