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NSH gives special meaning for employee welfare
March 15, 2017, 5:39 pm

NSH gives a special consideration for their employee welfare through its various events that benefit the employees. The employees in turn believe that management is concerned about them and are more productive and satisfied. NSH recently conducted a cultural program that highlighted the workers’ special talents in dancing as part of their regular events organized every week.

These cultural events gives them a sense of satisfaction, keeping their morale and motivation high.  Satwan Singh who enthralled the audience with his Punjabi dance says, “We are thankful to NSH for conducting such events and giving us the opportunities. It is sure such employees welfare centered efforts will serve many-fold better than any.”

"Our camp becomes a real home," says Tibbat Rai happily.

The hall was filled with many excellent performances in Hindi, Bojpuri, Odiya, Punjabi and Telugu dance. It gives a special meaning for the continuous efforts of NSH. These are to bring forth a satisfied community, happiness in the workplace, loyal employees and high turnover, said NSH Vice President Sabu.

While the cultural events are conducted for the employees, NSH is organizing other events for the children to enjoy drawing, dance, music, extempore and quiz through the Future Pillars Program.

NSH was chosen for its best employee welfare initiatives in 2016 and received the honour from the CEO of Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC).

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