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Murder, violent crime sees steep rise, says MoI report
August 19, 2017, 8:29 am

Ministry of Interior recently released official statistics indicating the country has been witness to series of murder cases and other heinous crimes on daily basis, with an average of 220 traffic accidents, 83 fights, 90 violent attacks on children and 10 illicit drug cases — as recorded by concerned authorities.

Meanwhile, the ministry stated officials from the Public Security Sector embarked on impromptu security campaigns Sunday, Monday and Tuesday across the six regions of the country and arrested 184 people wanted for various criminal and civil offenses, including runaway cases, those violating residency law and others without identification documents. Statistics showed 31 people were arrested for illicit drugs, 6 for alcohol, 3 for theft and 8 other marginal workers.

The officers settled 83 public fights within the three days, and received 1,858 reports, issued 847 traffic citations, impounded 73 vehicles and 13 missing vehicles. They set up 48 checkpoints, 612 police alert standby for preventive measure, dealt with 672 traffic accidents, issued 4 citations for violating parking spaces meant for handicaps, and offered 773 humanitarian aids.

Source: Arab Times

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