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Mexican cuisine gaining global popularity: Sofia
October 15, 2016, 5:46 pm

Sofia Rangel is a young, energetic and passionate chef; this is immediately noticeable on just the first encounter.  Visiting Kuwait for the first time last month, Sofia introduced authentic Mexican cuisine to the large gathering of invitees at the Mexican National Day reception.

The guests were treated to a traditional and tasty Mexican culinary experience at the Jumeirah Hotel that gave them a glimpse and flavor of Mexico.

The Molay dish she introduced at the reception was widely applauded and appreciated for its unique taste. The sauce encompasses a wide variety of over 20 ingredients with flavors that range from bittersweet to spicy, and a consistency that can be soupy or thick like barbeque sauce. Most mole sauces are brown and combine unique flavors such as hot peppers and chocolate. 

Following the reception, Sofia spoke to The Times Kuwait about the increasing popularity of Mexican cuisine the world over and her own personal interest in popularizing it.

“My passion for cooking began as early as five, when I used to watch my mother cook,” Sofia revealed adding that she always liked to watch and then try it out herself.

Armed with a degree in hotel management and having worked in a famous five-star hotel in Mexico, Sofia’s experience and knowledge eventually led her to start her own catering business. With about 25 years of experience Sofia has achieved a remarkable success in her field in a relatively short time.

Today she is popular in her home country for her traditional style of cooking and innovation. “Mexico has a great history of gastronomy as it has a lot of different areas as well as Spanish influence in its food. Moreover Spanish cuisine itself is influenced from different parts of the world,” she said.

“Food tradition is very important and every country should stick by its traditions; this is what makes them unique,” she said. Preparing traditional Mexican food is not difficult and even though it takes a long time to prepare the unique taste and flavor are incredible.

Sofia agreed that people’s tastes are changing and keeping up with changing taste and demand is a constant challenge.  “The demand today is for less oil and spice; I like to innovate and keep up with new trends and experiment,” she added.

The food industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry and the demand for new, innovative, creative and healthy recipes is become the order of the day. Chefs like Sofia are playing their part in ensuring that the interest in food continues and her mission to popularize Mexican cuisine is already making inroads.



This is the most representative  soup of mexican gastronomy, it has traditional  flavors and textures  of the chile, tomato, avocado,  coriander  and  corn tortillas.

(6 persons)

3 Garlic cloves

½ Onion cut into cubes

3 Tomatoes

6 cups of Chicken stock

1 tsp of vegetable oilOil

½ cup of coriander

Salt and Pepper

 3 cups of Fried  corn Tortillas cut  in julienne

Chile pasilla, Fried and crushed *any dry chile

2 Avocados   into Little cubes

16- gr. of fresh cheese cut into cubes

½ cup of  sour Cream

Lemons to serve


Roast the garlic cloves, onion and tomatoes, in a pan.

Peel the tomatoes and grind them with the garlic, onion,.

Add chiken stock.

Heat the oil into a pan and fried the tomatoe sauce. Until it is reduced.

Pour in the rest of the chicken stock and the coriander , let it boil .

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Cut the dry chili  into rings and fried very quickly, reserve

Serve the soup very hot, witn avocado cubes, fresh cheese, a spoon of  cream and fried tortillas.

 Add some crush chili and  some lemon  juice

- Staff Report

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