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LuLu Hypermarket launches Discover Flavors of USA 2017
November 16, 2017, 12:31 pm

Lulu Hypermarket, the region’s largest retail group, opened its ‘Discover Flavors of USA 2017’ promotion on 15 November at its Egaila outlet. Ambassador of the United States to Kuwait H.E. Lawrence R. Silverman inaugurated the event in the presence of top management of Lulu Hypermarket in Kuwait and a large gathering of shoppers and well-wishers. The promotion, which runs from 15 to 25 November at all LuLu Hypermarket outlets in the country, aims to bring the best products from popular American brands to Kuwait. 

During the promotional period all LuLu outlets will be stocked with premier USA branded products, such as Bolthouse, Kraft, Litehouse, Califia Farms, McCormick, Gerber and General Mills among others. As a part of the promotion, America, as a prime travel destination, is also being emphasized through cut-out displays of traditional monuments from the country.

The ‘Discover Flavors of USA 2017’ promotion is part of  LuLu Hypermarket’s initiative to interact with its customers through exciting promotions that emphasize the best the hypermarket can offer, and entice customers with a distinct and unique experience.

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