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Kuwaiti market safe, free from ‘plastic rice’: Ministry
August 24, 2017, 8:37 am

Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced Wednesday that the Kuwaiti market is safe and free from any “plastic rice” products after receiving test results from the ministry’s labs.

Following rumors that were spreading on the social networks related to the “plastic rice,” the ministry started to collect samples from various outlets all over the country, aiming to confirm safety and to ensure that only safe products are in the market, a statement by the ministry said.

All products that enter Kuwait are being closely inspected before reaching consumers, and Kuwait is one of the top countries in the area that applies the highest requirement standards on imported products, the statement added.

It urged the people not to promote any false information on social networks, which is considered a strong media for news and information could create panic in the society.

The ministry affirmed that all presented complaints are being taken seriously to safeguard the consumers’ safety, and to protect them from being victims of any commercial fraud.

Source: KUNA

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