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Kuwaiti citizen gets 7-year jail in screwdriver stabbing
August 24, 2017, 8:51 am

The Criminal Court sentenced a Kuwaiti citizen to seven-year imprisonment with hard labor for insulting, beating and stabbing an unidentified person, which resulted in five percent permanent disability to the latter. The court has referred the case to the concerned civil circuit. The Public Prosecution had charged the suspect of deliberately causing the permanent disability as described in the medical report.

According to the case file, the suspect insulted the victim in a public place following an argument. When the victim left the place, the suspect chased him with his car. He stopped the victim along a highway and stabbed him with screwdriver several times. Passersby came to the rescue before the suspect drove off.

Representing the victim was Lawyer Zayed Al-Khabbaz who affirmed that the charges against the defendant are sadly true. He said investigations have confirmed the statements of the victim and the attacks of the defendant on him, which resulted in permanent disability. Lawyer Al-Khabbaz stressed that the confession of the defendant removes all doubts about his role in the heinous crime, urging the court to give maximum punishment and oblige the defendant to pay compensation worth KD 5,001 to his client.

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