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Kuwait extradites suspect to Saudi Arabia
September 4, 2017, 12:21 pm

Kuwait has extradited a suspect to Saudi Arabia for further investigations into the satellite channel he had planned to launch from Kuwait. Security sources in Kuwait said that Fayez Bin Damkh, a Saudi national, has been held in custody in the state following the raid ordered by the Ministry of Information on a villa where they found equipment for TV production and recording belonging to the Arabian Peninsula station that he was planning to broadcast from Kuwait.

The raid was conducted on August 25 as part of the legal measures taken by the ministry under the media and press law after the channel failed to secure the required permit to broadcast.

The equipment was seized pending further action by the authorities, Kuwaiti daily Al Rai reported on Monday.

The ministry said that the pre-launch promos by the Arabian Peninsula channel broadcast on another channel, Rawasi, included claims that were considered interference in the political affairs of Gulf countries, particularly Saudi Arabia.

Ben Damkh had announced that the Arabian Peninsula Channel was a political news channel that would address in its programme various Arab issues and crises.

He said that the reason for launching the channel was the fact that Arabs had lost trust in the politicised Arabic-speaking channels. “The Arabian Peninsula channel would be bold in its approach while preserving the sovereignty of other countries,” he reportedly said.

Sources last month told Al Rai that a Kuwaiti national was among the major funders of the channel and that Ben Damak, the chairman of the board, was a front man. More than 1.400 satellite channels are currently broadcasting in Arabic.



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