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Kerala nurse blinded by stone thrown at running train
October 4, 2013, 3:10 pm

A stone thrown at a running train in Kerala by an unidentified miscreant has cost a young girl dearly.

Preethamol, a 23-year-old nurse, was on her way back to her workplace in Hyderabad — after visiting her family in Kerala — when the incident happened.

The stone hurled at the train hit her left eye and doctors who operated on her are skeptical of the chances of a full recovery for the damaged eye.

The incident happened on Wednesday when Preethamol was travelling by the Sabari Express train bound for Hyderabad. The stone was thrown while the train was between Mankara and Parali near Palakkad, when shel was seated near the window, enjoying the sights outside.

The young nurse hails from a lower middle class family in Kottayam district, and her father is a palm tapper. Local media reported that she also has the burden of an education loan to repay.

It is believed the stone first hit the window grill, broke up into pieces and some of them crashed into her left eye, piercing the lens, retina and nerves. One of the pieces also hit her nose. Doctors said they were not very hopeful of the girl retaining her normal eyesight.

Following the incident, she was first taken to the district hospital in Palakkad for first aid and then moved to the Thrissur Medical College, where a two-hour surgery was performed on her left eye.

A week earlier, there had been another report of a stone being thrown at a moving train near Walayar, not far from where the latest incident happened.


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