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KIFF announces start of 2015-2016 Season on 9 October
October 6, 2015, 5:32 pm

The European leagues have kicked off and the famed Indian Super League just opened in India. As the searing temperatures have subsided in the State of Kuwait the dawn has finally approached for the much anticipated KIFF season for the football loving Indian expatriate community, as the Kuwait Indian Football Federation announces the opening of the KIFF Season 2015-16 on 9 October 2015 at the Bayan Grounds. The season will kick off with the KIFF League matches and it’s a treat for fans to watch their favorite team(s) battle it out in the KIFF League for the Late J.P.  D’Mello Memorial Rolling Trophy for season 2015-16.

16 teams grouped in 2 groups will participate in the KIFF league which will be played on a round robin league format with the top 4 teams from each group qualifying for the knockout stage. In addition to KIFF League,  11-a- side and 7- a- side tournaments pack the KIFF calendar for the season.

KIFF President . Derrick Gomindes, along with the youthful and vibrant KIFF Managing Committee cordially invites all the former KIFF Presidents to take part in the opening ceremony at 6.30am sharp on 9 October 2015 at the Bayan Grounds. The KIFF Managing Committee also invites all the Presidents and members of the 16 affiliates to take part in the opening ceremony.

KIFF season 2015-16 will be officiated by Referees affiliated to KIFF under KIFF Referees Sub Committee headed by  Salvador Dias, Bernard Fernandes and Robert Bernard.

The KIFF Managing Committee for season 2015-16 is headed by the  President  Derrick Gomindes (GOA Maroons), along with Vice President  Xavier Furtado (AVC),  General Secretary  B.M. Viegas (KGA -Nagoa Verna),  Sports Secretary  Domnic Pereira (Curtorcares United),  Treasurer  Jinu Kurien (Kerala Challengers),  Registrar  Marshall Fernandes (YRC Rising Stars),  Asst. Sports Secretary  Claro Fernandes (DHL),  P.R.O  Austin Abreo (Skynet Miracles FC), and Executive Member  Robert Bernard (Indian Strikers).

The 16 affiliates comprises of Indian Strikers FC, Santos United, Goan Overseas Association, United Goans Centre, YRC Rising Stars, Kerala Challengers, Navelim Youth Centre, Curtorcares United, Kuwait Goans Association – Nagoa Verna, FC Sparx, DHL Football Club, AVC Overseas Sports & Cultural Association, Skynet Miracles SC,   Malabar United FC, Don Bosco Oratory, and Soccer Kerala.

4 matches will be held and the opener to the season will be between the defending Champions Don Bosco Oratory and the legendary GOA Maroons.

The KIFF Managing Committee wishes all the 16 affiliates the very best for a grueling season 2015-2016. All the soccer loving fans are cordially invited for the opening ceremony and the games to follow during the new season. Let us all get together and chant in unison ‘’LET’S FOOTBALL’’.



1ST Match 6.45 am            Don Bosco Oratory V/S G.O.A Maroons
2nd Match 08.00 am          Malabar United FC V/S DHL F.C
3RD MATCH 9.00 am        Indian Strikers FC V/S FC. SPARX
4TH MATCH 10.00 am      Kuwait Goan Association – Nagoa Verna V/S United Goan Centre

(Watch out for more news and events as the new season progresses)

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